Hi!! my name is Jess. I love anything with DCI, WGI, American Horror, Colorguard, Random Shit, and pastries. i am studying to be a pastry chef. so if you love the same things i do Follow me!!!! SnapChat - jess132613 Instagram- Jessiecam13
@zedd  thanks to an amazing time at lolla!!!!! #perrys #lolla #zedd

@zedd thanks to an amazing time at lolla!!!!! #perrys #lolla #zedd


I hate being up this late/early because all I think about are the fuck ups I have done. I mean why does the world have to be so cruel at times. I just really want someone that can understand me because I feel alone in the world. I just really want to be loved. I know im not perfect but hey everyone needs a little love. Is that too much to ask for? I guess so.